Surgery Preparation & Recovery app

Mr. Atif Malik has created an app to help his patients get ready for surgery and reach their treatment goals.

Are you having surgery with Mr. Malik?
Click the button below to register for your free myrecovery app – made by your surgeon, for you.

Click here to register with Mr. Atif Malik’s app

Alternatively, aim your phone or tablet camera at the QR-code above to access the form with just one tap on the screen.

Download Surgery Preparation & Recovery app

The app is a complement to support and enhance your care with a range of helpful resources, including:

  • Video messages from Mr. Malik
  • Interactive exercise videos to match your rehab plan
  • Checklists and surveys to help you prepare for surgery and track your progress
  • Useful information for each stage, created or chosen by Mr. Malik
Mr. Atif Malik Surgery Preparation & Recovery app